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WandaVision Episode 8 Post-Credits Scene, Explained

WandaVision didn’t have a solitary post-credits scene in its initial six scenes, and now it’s gotten them consecutive. WandaVision scene 8 highlights a scene during the credits, much the same as the one we had on WandaVision scene 7 a week ago.


WandaVision didn’t have a solitary post-credits scene in its initial six scenes, and now it’s gotten them consecutive. WandaVision scene 8 highlights a scene during the credits, much the same as the one we had on WandaVision scene 7 a week ago. Also, it’s a considerably more significant one as it acquaints what appears with be WandaVision’s second significant lowlife. The first, obviously, is Agatha (All Along) Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) who uncovered her actual self toward the finish of WandaVision scene 7. With two scalawags conceivably now in the blend, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) has her work cut out as we head into the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrangement’s finale, WandaVision scene 9, one week from now.

WandaVision Episode 8 Recap: Ghosts of Wanda Maximoff’s Past

Spoilers ahead for WandaVision scene 8 “Already On”.

WandaVision scene 8 mid-credits scene

While the post-credits scene in WandaVision scene 7 was attached to the occasions of that scene, the one on WandaVision scene 8 doesn’t matter to the scene at all. All things considered, it streams straightforwardly from a little forgettable second in WandaVision scene 7. Here’s the significant area from the WandaVision scene 7 recap:

That is actually the situation, as this WandaVision scene 7 scene absolutely existed as a bother briefly, which winds up being the post-credits scene in WandaVision 8. Wonder might have handily taken it out too, and truly, it wouldn’t have affected the MCU arrangement by any means.

Several minutes into the credits, WandaVision scene 8 return us to New Jersey, with Hayward watching out at the fortified red-throbbing boundary of the Hex. A SWORD official approaches Hayward and illuminates him that they are “prepared for dispatch”. This is an immediate reference to Hayward’s comments about getting ready to dispatch something. Hayward answers: “Better late than never.”

Hayward pivots and heads into a tent, where he says to another SWORD official: “We dismantled this thing and set up it back again multiple times. Attempted each kind of force supply under the sun, when all we required was a little energy straightforwardly from the source.”

WandaVision scene 8 post-credits scene slices to show the 1980s Stark Industries drone that Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) had sent into the Westview Hex back in WandaVision scene 5, uninformed that Hayward and Co. had weaponised it. Wanda had made it breakdown utilizing her enchantment, prior to leaving the Hex and tossing it in SWORD’s appearances. That is turned out great for Hayward, as the inert enchantment has gone to their guide.

Hayward at that point gestures his head, motioning to his appointee to control the “thing” up. The thing, for reasons unknown, is Vision (Paul Bettany). He’s blue, or is that simply the lighting? It is by all accounts the lighting, as that implies we have a white Vision on our hands, who has a touch of history in the funnies.

Paul Bettany as White Vision in WandaVision scene 8

Photograph Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

The abbreviated form: Vision’s silver and purple tones are a decision, he’s an android made out of vibranium all things considered. So when SWORD chooses to take him “separated and set up him back again multiple times”, a piece of Vision is normally going to be lost simultaneously — leaving this revived cadaver a dismal android that simply exists as a weapon.

The post-credits scene in WandaVision scene 8 additionally affirms what really happened to Vision’s body. In WandaVision scene 5, Hayward guaranteed that Wanda took it from their base camp — he cunningly altered the CCTV film to put forth his defense — and resurrected him. That would disregard Vision’s will and Sokovia Accords, which Hayward uses to charge Wanda and paint her as the adversary.

Yet, for reasons unknown, Hayward has been lying from the beginning. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) was the first to get onto Hayward’s arrangements when she broke into his frameworks and found that Hayward had been following Vision inside the Hex.

It’s not Wanda but rather SWORD that has been disregarding Vision’s will and the Sokovia Accords. They have been attempting to bring him back on the web. As Hayward notes during WandaVision scene 8, Vision is a $3 billion resource and the most aware weapon at any point made. Hayward and Co. try not to consider Vision to be an individual, simply a “thing” they can use for their motivations.

What’s more, presently he’s on the web and prepared. Is there any of the first Vision left in him? I question it. Will Wanda need to kill Vision briefly time? Well at any rate this time, she has another Vision on her side. Something discloses to me this will be an awful grievous second. Perhaps the Westview Vision will forfeit himself to bring down White Vision? Or on the other hand could their destinies be entwined? We’ll no uncertainty find our solutions in the WandaVision arrangement finale.

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