Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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US officials appeal to President Joe Biden, don’t prohibit Corona Vaccine from patent

India and South Africa are proposing to keep the Corona Vaccine trade in the World Trade Organization (WTO) free of patent restrictions. His demand has been opposed by 4 MPs belonging to the Republican Party of America (US). He has appealed to President Joe Biden not to accept this demand of India-South Africa in the WTO.


4 US lawmakers wrote a letter to Joe Biden

Republican MPs Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Joni Amst and Todd Young have written to President Joe Biden. In the letter, the MPs said that India, South Africa and other countries are bringing new proposals related to the Corona Vaccine to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to keep it free from the patent regime. He has said that these countries believe that if the barrier of intellectual property developed by American companies is removed, then many other companies will start contributing in the corona vaccine business.

India-South Africa appeal not to accept

The four MPs claimed that the reality was contrary to the proposal of these countries. If the proposal of these countries is accepted, then there will be infringement of the intellectual property rights of the American companies that developed life-saving corona vaccines in the shortest time. MPs wrote in the letter that if some countries are thinking that they will benefit by taking away the intellectual property of America, then it is their mistake.Companies will stop spending research on new vaccines if the business of Corona Vaccine is exempted from the terms of the WTO and the Intellectual Property Rights Regime (TRIPS). He appealed to President Biden to cancel the proposals coming in this subject in the WTO.

India’s demand to keep the Corona vaccine out of patent

Hundreds of US non-governmental organizations and three prominent lawmakers had earlier appealed to Biden to get the Corona Vaccine out of the patent scope. DeLauro, chairman of the appropriation committee in the parliament and the House of Representatives, said that the border of a country has no meaning for the corona epidemic. He said that it is very important to develop the corona vaccine and deliver it to the whole world. He said that the issue of exemption in WTO which India and South Africa have raised, should be supported. This will speed up the examination, treatment and vaccination of Corona all over the world. It will also help in combating the corona epidemic in the world.

Patents get many rights

Explain that the companies that make new discoveries in the business related aspects (TRIPS) of intellectual property rights have been given many privileges. The WTO maintains that such companies are given a long-standing monopoly on drugs, their screening and production technology.


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