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Union Minister Babul Supriyo’s taunt on Mamta Banerjee, said- Climate change will happen in Bengal this time

The political battle has intensified before the Vidhan Sabha elections to be held in West Bengal (West Bengal) in April. Union Minister Babul Supriyo, while targeting the state CM Mamta Banerjee, said, ‘Didi’s attempt is to create an atmosphere of fear’.


Didi is taking steps to defeat – Babylon Supriyo

Babul Supriyo said that who is the problem of Didi, who will be the face of BJP CM in Bengal? He said that the Center will decide who will be the face of the Chief Minister in Bengal. He claimed that Didi is taking one step towards losing.

‘This time there will be climate change in Bengal’

He said that the climate of Bengal has been overall good. But the misrule of the Left and the ruthlessness of Mamta Banerjee has spoiled the weather of Bengal. He said that the BJP will change this climate. He alleged that Didi today created an atmosphere in the state by politicizing Bengal’s administrative system and criminalizing politics that people did not trust the government.

‘Mamta killed democracy in the state’

He said that Mamta Banerjee has killed democracy in the state. The rating of Bengal has deteriorated all over the world. In these 5 years, Mamta Didi has worked only to put the brakes on the Central Government’s schemes. She said that Mamta is scared because of Cut Money. She is insulting the people coming from outside.

‘No entrepreneur wants to come to Bengal’

Babul Supriyo said that Mamta didi opposes private companies, but they should understand that only Corona vaccine is prepared by private companies. Didi called the private company and gave her such a gift, yet why does not one want to come to Bengal. The reason for this is that if any businessman invests 100 rupees, then in today’s situation he will lose 70 rupees. He said that only people from Trinamool say that Mamta didi and her nephew have a syndicate in Bengal. No one wants to come to Bengal because of Cut Money.

‘Mamta scared of Election Commission’s decision’

He said that the Election Commission has decided to contest elections in 8 phases in view of the situation in Bengal. Didi is ending the dignity of her post by questioning the constitutional body. After coming here, the Election Commission team has made this decision after looking at the political killings. Mamta didi is making these statements due to fear. Didi is afraid that if there is a para military force everywhere, then one of her political goons will not be able to run. He said that since the announcement of election dates, Bengal Police has got freedom from the orders of Mamta Didi.


‘Bengalis will uproot TMC’

Taking a dig at the political violence in Bengal, Babul Supriyo said, ‘I have ordered the mirror in front of my car that whenever TMC attackers, I am ready too. This is not the culture of Bengal, it is not Bengali identity. It will be discussed in history how many political murders took place. But Mamta didi is not ashamed. Bengalis have made up their mind to uproot the Trinamool government.

‘BJP will win more than 200 seats’

Babul Supriyo said that Amit Shah ji had said in 2019 that if he would win 22 Lok Sabha seats in the state then people were not confident but we won 18 seats and lost 2 seats by a small margin. That is why Amit Shah ji has talked about winning 200 seats, so it is not impossible. He said that Didi is worried about who will be our CM candidate.The Bijpi is a Democratic Party. Any of our workers can become anything. The center that will decide in Bengal will be the same. He said that if Mamta Banerjee will throw a full-ball, then we will also shoot at him. He claimed that his party would win all 7 seats of Asansol and 9 seats of the entire region.



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