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Uber driver asked to wear mask, then female passengers became uncontrollable

Reports of misbehavior of cab drivers are frequently reported, but in America, a driver had to face the misbehavior of female passengers. The driver’s fault was that he asked the women to apply masks.The video of this incident is becoming viral on social media and every person watching is criticizing women travelers. At the same time, after the video went viral (San Francisco Police), an accused woman has been arrested while coming into action.  

An attempt to snatch a driver’s mobile

Subhakar, a Uber driver driving a taxi in San Francisco, captured the antics of female passengers on camera, causing police to reach an accused. Shubhakar says that he had requested the three women in the taxi to wear masks, but they not only denied this but started misbehaving. A woman started coughing loudly on Shubhakar’s face and then removed his mask as well. The accused also tried to snatch the driver’s mobile.

Passenger told himself Corona Positive

According to Shubhakar, when he asked to apply the mask, a woman started making a ruckus, calling herself Kovid positive. The 32-year-old driver said that when all the women got out of the taxi after being indecent with him, one of them sprayed paper spray inside the car from the window, suffocating him and causing difficulty in breathing. The video of this incident has been shared by a female journalist on social media.

Company banned everyone

At the same time, an Uber official said that all the female passengers accused have been banned forever. The company said that such behavior is completely unacceptable and against our community guidelines. After the video of the incident went viral, the police, who came into action, arrested the female passenger who attacked the driver. Significantly, in America, due to the havoc of Corona, emphasis is being placed on applying masks. Under which Uber has made the rule of mandatory of masks for passengers.



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