Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Statues of Buddha are being sold in the China where Donald Trump had set up his senses

Former US President Donald Trump is once again in the news. However, this time the reason is not rhetoric but their special statues which are being sold in China. In these idols being sold online, the trump is shown as Lord Buddha.

In these white statues, the former US President is sitting with his eyes closed and his hands are in the front, just like the statues of Lord Buddha. It is worth noting that these statues are also getting a lot of buyers in China, while Trump was very vocal against Beijing during his tenure.

Sale is happening here

According to news published in our partner website WION, Donald Trump’s statues are being sold on the Chinese e-commerce platform Zaoba, which is owned by Alibaba Group. The sculptures have been put on sale by the manufacturer along with the slogan ‘Make Your Company Great Again’, which resembles Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ during the election campaign.

So much is the price of statue

Talking about the price of the trump statues, the small size (1.6 m) idol costs 999 Chinese Yuan or $ 150. While the larger idol is being sold for 3,999 yuan or $ 610. Most people are buying these idols only for their entertainment. Initially, only a few sculptures were made, but production has been increased in view of the demand.

Zaobao had also used the experiment before

By the way, this is not the first time that China’s commercial website Jaoba has made a strategy to earn profits in the name of Donald Trump. Some time ago, he had introduced such toilet paper in the market, on which the face of Trump was printed. The orange-brushed toilet brush of similar trumps also became very popular in China. Apart from this, the company had also kept some T-shirts for sale, which were tightened on the trump.
Trump had increased problems

As President Donald Trump created many problems for China. Especially after the Corona epidemic, he opened a front against Beijing. He was subjected to various restrictions, clamped down on his companies, and banned the import of certain products from China’s Xinjiang province to encircle the Weigar Muslims to China. Those who buy Trump’s idol in China say that they are doing this only for entertainment. Buying a statue does not mean that he is a fan of Trump.


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