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Sri Lanka government’s big decision, ban on wearing Burqa

After France and studios, now Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) has also decided to ban wearing burqa (burqa) to overcome bigotry. Along with this, preparations are being made to close more than one thousand Islamic schools and madrasas.

‘Wearing a burqa does not show a human face’

Public Safety Minister of Sri Lanka Sarath Weerasekera told a news conference that he has decided to ban the burqa to strengthen the security situation in the country. Wearing a burqa does not show a person’s face, which promotes terrorist incidents. He said that he has signed the proposal for a ban on the burqa and now it will be sent to the cabinet for approval.

‘Our girls did not wear burqas before’

Sarath Weerasekera said, ‘Earlier Muslim girls in our country did not wear burqas. Later, the tabligi community’s influence increased in the country and the trend of girls wearing it started. This is a sign of increasing religious fanaticism in the society. We will not tolerate it and will definitely ban it. ‘

‘Madrasas tearing apart the education policy’

sarath veraasekera ne kaha,sarakaar kee yojana ek hajaar se adhik madarasa aur islaamik skoolon par pratibandh lagaane kee bhee hai. ye madarase aur islaamik skool desh kee raashtreey shiksha neeti kee dhajjiyaan uda rahe hain. desh mein sab logon ko apanee aastha ke paalan karane ka adhikaar hai lekin isaka matalab ye nahin ki koee bhee vyakti apanee aastha ke naam par majahabee skool khol le aur vah sab kuchh sikhaana shuroo kare, jo vah chaahata hai.

Islamic terrorists attacked in 2019

Let us tell that the majority of the people of Buddhist community considered peace loving in Sri Lanka. In 2019, Islamic terrorists killed 250 people by attacking hotels and churches on a large scale. After which temporary wearing of burqa was banned in Sri Lanka. After this incident, President-elect Gotabaya Rajapaksa promised to end radicalism in the country.

Gotbaaya Rajapaksa is harsh about bigotry

Gotabaya Rajapaksa was the Defense Minister of the country during the Civil War from LTTE while his elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa was the President of the country. At that time, Gotabaya is credited with crushing insurgency in the country. However, Tamil politicians have also accused him of human rights violations during the war. Which the government denies.



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