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Sohail Khan came forward to help Rakhi Sawant, promised to fulfill her mother’s every need


Rakhi Sawant has started serving her mother after the end of Bigg Boss. Rakhi Sawant Mother’s mother has cancer and is undergoing treatment. All the people of the industry are helping Rakhi Sawant Help in this difficult time and the Khan family also has not failed to support Rakhi. Recently, Rakhi has shared a video of Sohail Khan on social media in which she has told Rakhi that she is ready to help them all.


Rakhi’s mother in hospital

‘Bigg Boss’ fame Rakhi Sawant (Bigg Boss Fame Rakhi Sawant) is a well-known name in the film industry. Rakhi Sawant In Bigg Boss has been in the news since the news of her mother’s cancer after coming out of Bigg Boss house. Rakhi’s mother Jaya Sawant (Rakhi Sawant Mother Jaya Sawant) is hospitalized these days and is fighting a battle against cancer. Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant Instagram) shared the photo of the mother on her Instagram account and asked the fans to pray for her. At the same time, Rakhi Sawant In Hospital released a video of his mother from the hospital, in which her beamara is seen thanking her mother Salman Khan and Sohail Khan.

Sohail Khan offers to help

After watching the video of the mother of Rakhi Sawant Mother Cancer, now Sohail Khan (Sohail Khan), the younger brother of Salman Khan, has spoken of helping Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant) in a video. In this video, Sohail Khan is seen saying to help Rakhi, as well as to talk about her quick recovery.Rakhi Sawant shared this video of Sohail Khan Video on social media and wrote in the caption, ‘My best brother in the world, Sohail Bhai, Salman Bhai.’ In this video you can see that Sohail Khan said, ‘My dear, Rakhi, you need something for your mother, call me directly.I have never met your mother, but I know you. You are very strong and how strong your mother will be as their daughter. I wish him a quick recovery. You just stay with them and everything will be alright. When she recovers, I will talk to her. The fans of this video are very much liked. At the same time, by commenting on this, everyone is praising Sohail with the blessings of Rakhi Sawant Mother’s early recovery.


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