Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Serious allegations on Syrian President’s wife Asma, may be stripped of citizenship

British-origin wife Asma al-Assad of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is facing serious accusations. The Syrian President’s wife is facing allegations of promoting terrorism. The Metropolitan Police has begun an investigation into terrorism charges against Asma al-Assad.

Citizenship endangered

The London-based Gernica 37 International Justice Chambers has filed a case against Asma al-Assad on charges of inciting the public and promoting terrorism. The UK Metropolitan Police is investigating the Crime Branch case of Counter-Terrorism Command. The Chamber said that it has submitted two confidential files to the War Crime Unit. As stated by Chambers, this is an important subject. If evidence is found, not only will citizenship of Asma al-Assad be taken away, but strict action will be taken against her.

Syrian government in the dock

Let us tell you that since March 2011, many Syrian civilians have been killed illegally and many have been arbitrarily detained. The Syrian government is in the dock for the inhuman treatment being done to ordinary citizens. Gernica 37 International Justice Chambers said in a statement that the investigation against Asma al Assad should be done after the abolition of British citizenship.

Who is asma al asad

Please tell Asma al-Assad met Bashar al-Assad in London when she was studying Ophthalmology. After Hafiz al-Assad’s death in 2000, Bashar al-Assad was president in November 2000 Became. Asma and Bashar married on December 2000. They have three children, named Hafeez, Jane and Karim. Asma’s image is considered as a dictator.

She has also worked as a banker

After studying computer science and French literature at King’s College, London, Asma also worked as a banker at JP Morgan. In the 90s, Asma secretly started dating Bashar. At that time Bashar Assad was pursuing his doctorate from London.


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