Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Saudi Gazette praised Modi government’s policies on Jammu & Kashmir

A leading newspaper in Saudi Arabia has written something about Jammu and Kashmir, which Pakistan is sure to get chilly after reading.

The ‘Saudi Gazette’ praised the policies of the Modi government on Jammu and Kashmir, saying that after the removal of Article 370, the Government of India started many schemes and programs for the development of the region. Have done, towards which the youth has shown a positive attitude. Let me tell you that Pakistan has been saying that since the removal of Article 370, the situation in Kashmir has become very bad.

Violence is feared wrong

The Saudi Gazette has written that the youth of the valley want to be a part of the progress and prosperity of the new India. Once upon a time, Kashmiri youth were identified as stonemasons, but after the removal of Article 370, they are trying to live their lives by joining the mainstream. The newspaper has also said that when it was decided to remove Article 370, there was a global fear that the state might be subjected to violence and unrest, but nothing like this happened. On the contrary, the youth have responded very positively to this historical change.

Report shows strong relationships

The Saudi Gazette is a major English newspaper in Saudi Arabia. In its report, the newspaper further wrote, ‘Many schemes have been implemented for development in Jammu and Kashmir. Even the terrorists who surrendered after August 5, 2019 are also being brought into the mainstream. This Saudi Gazette report shows the strengthening relationship between India and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has made several attempts to provoke Saudi Arabia on this issue, but Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ignored it every time.

Scholarship scheme also mentioned

The newspaper has written that the special scholarship scheme of the Central Government for the students of Jammu and Kashmir has helped many poor youth to get admission in the professional colleges of the country. Many of them are also pursuing degrees and doing jobs abroad.

The Government of India has been firm in its decisions to ensure that the region is removed from the quagmire of uncertainty. The report also mentions the training provided to the youth of the valley for employment. Along with this, it has also been told that tourists are now starting to feel safer to go to Kashmir.


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