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PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 Brings New Festival Mode, Fix VPN Problem


PUBG Mobile fix 1.3 has been delivered and it carries another celebration mode to commend the game’s commemoration. The new mode is called Hundred Rhythms and will be set in the Erangel map. The players will actually want to go to a performance with a Music Armband that accompanies three novel abilities. Fix 1.3 additionally carries another weapon to PUBG Mobile, alongside a few exhibition upgrades. PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 18, named Hundred Rhythms, will commence on March 17.

The authority fix notes for PUBG Mobile say that Android and iOS players began getting the report on March 9 and the update is 640MB in size for Android clients and 1.55GB for iOS clients. The PUBG group says that workers won’t be taken disconnected for the update.

PUBG Mobile fix 1.3 

PUBG Mobile gets another Hundred Rhythms mode that can be played uniquely in Erangel. Players will get an armband that will permit them to pick one of three abilities on the generate island. The abilities incorporate Guardian Armband, Recon Armband, and Camouflage Armband. These can be redesigned by gathering tapes in the guide. These armbands accompany one dynamic expertise and two inactive abilities each. The Guardian Armband can make a boundary that decreases harm taken from slugs. The Recon Armband permits a player to toss an examining gadget that outputs and stamps adversaries. The Camouflage Armband permits players to change their clothing to a Ghillie suit temporarily, covering the weapons and the knapsack.

There will be three electronic music squares, one on bring forth island and two on Erangel, where players can tune in to move music. The update for PUBG Mobile likewise brings a Clown Shop Vehicle that allows players to trade Clown Tokens to battle supplies just as uncommon things. The Clowns’ Tricks highlight will be added from March 31.

The most recent part in PUBG Mobile, Metro Royale: Uncover will be accessible from March 9. There will be new rewards, world class foes can haphazardly generate on the guide, bot adversaries have been made more intelligent, the Tikhar Rifle has been eliminated, and there are some weapon adjusting changes too. Post the update, players will actually want to play power Armor Mode each Friday to Sunday. Another marksman rifle called Mosin-Nagant has been added to the game just as another vehicle called Motor Glider.

Royale Pass Season 18 of PUBG Mobile will begin from March 17, and will bring twofold position prizes and “some extraordinary visitors will likewise show up” as indicated by the authority changelog. There is a Violin Music Set and a Kar98K skin for players who arrive at rank 100.

PUBG Mobile fix 1.3 additionally brings execution upgrades, security enhancements, and framework upgrades. MSAA and HDR issues on iOS 14.3 have been fixed, AI calculations have been added to channel dubious player conduct, and designs delivering has been improved among different changes.

PUBG Mobile is as yet restricted in India yet distributer Krafton is by all accounts in contact with the Indian government to bring it back. Another rendition of the game, PUBG: New State, was likewise declared as of late, however it has not been made accessible for pre-enlistment in India, as the distributer said it is zeroing in on PUBG Mobile India first.

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