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PM Modi said in the webinar : Aircraft carrying vaccines worldwide, bringing confidence

PM Modi said in the webinar: Aircraft carrying vaccines worldwide, bringing confidence and blessings to India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed a webinar organized on the Production Linked Incentives Scheme. During this, PM Modi said that we have taken many steps to strengthen Make in India at different levels. We have examples from all over the world, where countries have accelerated the development of the country by increasing their manufacturing capacity.


Aircraft carrying vaccine are not coming empty: PM

Addressing the webinar, PM Narendra Modi said, ‘Today the aircraft in India which are going around the world carrying millions of doses of Corona Vaccine, are not coming empty. He is bringing with him confidence towards India, affinity towards India, affection, blessings and an emotional attachment. ‘ He said, ‘Your participation in such an important webinar from all corners of India in such a large number shows its importance in itself.’

‘India has become a very big brand in itself’

The Prime Minister said, ‘With the humility and duty that India is serving humanity today, India has become a big brand in itself all over the world. India’s credibility and identity are constantly reaching new heights. India has become a global brand by serving the world in these times of health crisis.This trust is not limited to the pharma sector, but every sector will benefit from it. He further said, ‘Today India has become a brand. Now all you have to do is to identify your product. Now you do not have to work too hard. If you have to work hard, then you have to do it on production quality.

Policy making should not just be a government process: PM Modi

PM Modi said, ‘The budget of the country and policy making for the country should not be just a government process, every stake holders related to the development of the country should have an effective engagement in it. In this sequence, discussions are being held with all your important colleagues who give energy to the manufacturing sector, Make in India. He further said, ‘Increasing manufacturing capacities increase the creation of employment in the country, India wants to work fast with this approach. Our government is reforming one after the other to encourage construction in this sector.

‘Problems arise from the government’s interference in everything’

The Prime Minister said, ‘Our government believes that the government’s interference in everything creates more problems rather than solutions. That is why we are insisting on self-regulation. This year our intention is to reduce more than 6,000 Compliances at the Central and State levels.’He further said,’ In this year’s budget, a provision of about Rs 2 lakh crore has been made for the schemes related to the PLI scheme. An average of 5% of production is given as incentive. Only in the coming five years, about 520 billion dollars are estimated to be produced in India only through the PLI scheme.

‘Must work to leave a mark in the global market’

PM Modi said, ‘Our production cost, quality and efficiency of products should leave an impression in the global market and we should work together to make it possible. Our products should be user-friendly, most modern, affordable and durable. ‘ He further said, ‘The sector for which this PLI is for is benefiting, it will benefit the entire ecosystem associated with that sector. With PLI in auto and pharma, foreign dependency related to auto part, medical equipment and raw material of medicines will be very less.


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