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Nikki tamboli redy to enter Bollywood, said this

Nikki tamboli, who reached the top 3 of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, is now thinking about doing music videos as well as working in Bollywood. Nikki is quite famous in the South Indian film industry. Nikki has received strong acclaim in the South Indian film industry for her brilliant work in films like ‘Kanchana 3’, ‘Chikti Gadilo Chitakotudu’ and ‘Thippara Meesam’. She is also expected to make her Bollywood debut after appearing in the 14th season of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.


Nikki said that I am ready to enter Bollywood

Nikki tamboli said, ‘Now I can do Bollywood movies, music videos and albums.’ Nikki’s journey in Bigg Boss 14 was very volatile. He was removed from the show in the middle and then re-entered with the Challengers. Taking it, she says, ‘My journey has not been easy at all. It was like riding a rollercoaster. To spend 143 days in Bigg Boss’s house is very terrible. ‘

Nikki felt alone

Nikki tamboli’s gameplan always focused on itself. Was it difficult to play on your own? On this, he says, ‘Obviously it was very difficult because sometimes I felt very alone. I was from the South Indian industry and they were all connected to each other somewhere, so I thought it was okay to play alone. After 2 months I felt that I should know them, then I joined some of them.

Nikki is happy with Rubina’s victory

On the victory of Rubina Dilaik, Nikki tamboli expressed happiness by describing her as his ‘sister’. She said, ‘I am very happy. When I re-entered my house, I did not even expect that I would come in the top 6. My game was getting weak but Rubina felt like my sister. I am happy that Rubina won and I reached the top 3.


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