Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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New STMicro STM32G4 MCUs target cost-effective motor control systems with up to 512KB flash

STMicro presented the STM32G4 group of blended sign microcontrollers in May 2019 for e-versatility (for example e-bicycles), computerized power supplies, progressed engine controls, lighting, and building-computerization items. The Arm Cortex-M4 based microcontrollers clock up to 170 MHz, and incorporate new equipment numerical quickening agents to help handling of uses utilizing Cordic (Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer) and Filtering capacities to help expanded execution and energy productivity. This empowers quicker and more productive counts for energy-saving engine controls and opens up the center to get more sensor information and control extra client capacities. The STM32G4 Series of blended sign microcontrollers have three lines of items: The STM32G4x1 Access line – universally useful microcontrollers with a passage level arrangement of simple peripherals The STM32G4x3 Performance line – broadly useful microcontrollers with the most extreme number of simple peripherals The STM32G4x4 Hi-goal line with high-goal clock and complex waveform developer in addition to occasion overseer (HRTIM) for advanced force transformation, for example, computerized exchanged mode power supplies, lighting, welding, sunlight based and remote charging


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