Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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New Covid Test: Corona test will be done on yelling or singing, dispose of agonizing method of test

The painful way of the Corona test will now get rid of. A scientist from the Netherlands has discovered a new way of investigating the corona, which is completely different and much faster than the old method. To get the corona test done in a new way, you just have to shout or sing loudly in a cabin and your test will be done. Now there is no need to take samples from your nose and mouth.

This is how the corona test will be done

Explain that the name of the scientist who discovered a new and easy method of Screaming Covid Test is Peter van Weiss. According to Peter, the person will have to shout or sing in the airlocked cabin for the coronavirus test. An industrial air purifier will collect parts from the mouth, which will be used to test the corona virus.

Scientist Peter said, “If a person is infected, 10,000 particles come out of his mouth when he shouts. Corona virus is tested from these particles. Please tell that scientist Peter has set up his booth near the Corona Testing Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where the corona investigation is being done by shouting or singing.

Such is the experience of getting the corona test done in a new way

Soroya, who got the corona checked by shouting or singing, said that this method is very easy. There is no pain in it. It is very nice to shout when no one is watching you. My report in the corona test is negative.

Only takes so much time in corona test

Scientist Peter said that this process of corona examination takes 3 minutes. The presence of corona virus in the sample is investigated with the help of a nanometer-scale sizing device.


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