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Maharashtra: Corona’s cases increase government’s concern, lockdown may not be imposed


In view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus in Maharashtra (Maha), the state government has given a hint to impose new restrictions. Maharashtra’s Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Vadettivar says that his rescheduling could be done to reduce congestion in local trains in Mumbai (Mumbai). Also, strict restrictions can be imposed on markets, cinema halls and wedding halls. However, he has ruled out the possibility of a lockdown again in Maharashtra.


Corona cases increased rapidly within two weeks

The growing cases of corona in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, have raised the concern of the Maharashtra government. On Thursday, 1145 new cases were found in Mumbai and 8702 new cases in Maharashtra. The way Corona cases have increased within the last two weeks, it has also woken up the corona task force. Dr. Nitin Karnik, a member of the task force formed to fight the corona, says that this time the youth of 15 to 25 years are also getting infected with the corona and reaching the hospital and this is a matter of great concern.

Restrictions will be imposed to reduce congestion

The Maharashtra government also believes that the situation is grim because, Maharashtra has its name along with Kerala, which has become the two largest hotspots of Corona in the country. In such a situation, the state government is considering once again strict restrictions to overcome the corona. Maharashtra Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Vadettiwar says that there will not be a lockdown again, but some restrictions can be imposed to reduce congestion.

Strict eye will be kept on following the rules 

  • Rescheduling of trains may occur due to congestion in local trains
  • Measures to reduce congestion 
  • Cinema Hall can be closed again
  • The wedding hall will be closely monitored for following the rules
  • There will be emphasis on reducing congestion and following rules in markets and shopping centers

The way pictures of negligence and laxity are being followed in different parts of Maharashtra, it is clear that people are still not serious. If this picture does not change, then Corona can become a serious crisis in the state.



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