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India vs England 4th Test, Day 3 Highlights

IND versus ENG Highlights: India commend a wicket during Day 3 of the fourth Test match.

India fixed a gigantic win against England, on Day 3 of the fourth Test coordinate, at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Winning by an innings and 25 runs, the hosts dominated the four-game arrangement 3-1 and furthermore qualified for the World Test Championship last. Axar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin were in excellent condition, with the pair enlisting five-wicket pulls as England’s batting request indeed wallowed in their subsequent innings. The guests could just post a subsequent innings score of 135 in 54.5 overs, and couldn’t surpass India’s lead of 160 runs. Joe Root and Dan Lawrence were the lone vital batsmen for England, scoring 30 and 50 runs, separately. The hosts wrapped up their first innings before Lunch, scoring 365 runs, and enrolled a solid lead of 160 runs. Washington Sundar shone for India during their first innings on Day 3, barely passing up a century. He pummeled an unbeaten thump of 96 runs in 174 balls. (SCORECARD)

fourth Test, Day 3 Highlights Between India (IND) versus England (ENG), Straight From Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

March06202115:52 (IST)

OUT! Dan Lawrence b Ravichandran Ashwin 50 (95), ENG: 135 | INDIA WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 25 RUNS


He throws it up, and Lawrence goes on some unacceptable line. He neglects to interface and it hits the stumps.

That is it for England, and India win the fourth Test coordinate by an innings and 25 runs. The additionally win the arrangement, 3-1.

March06202115:47 (IST)

OUT! Jack Leach c Ajinkya Rahane b Ravichandran Ashwin 2 (31)


He throws a decent conveyance, and Leach edges it to Rahane, who rushes to put his hands under it at slips. The TV umpire additionally uphold the delicate sign.

In strolls, James Anderson.

March06202115:43 (IST)

One run, Dan Lawrence has acquired his fifty!

Lawrence cuts this conveyance by Axar towards cover point off the backfoot for a solitary.

He arrives at his second Test fifty.

A good omen for England?

March06202115:40 (IST)


Ashwin throws it on leg, and it traps Leach on the backfoot. He attempts to protect it, yet misses it. It goes over the stumps to Pant. The umpire raises his finger, and India additionally advances.

Drain surveys it straightforwardly. There was no bat included, and it was pitched on line. Alright until further notice!

March06202115:33 (IST)

Two runs

Sundar throws a more limited conveyance, Lawrence sends it to one side of the defender at mid-off. Two runs.

March06202115:29 (IST)


Ashwin stops and afterward throws it up. Lawrence wrecks it to fine leg for a four!

March06202115:24 (IST)


A flighted conveyance by Axar, and Lawrence smacks it towards long-off for a four!

March06202115:23 (IST)


A half-tracker by Axar, outside off. Lawrence launces it wide of sweeper to the cover limit for a four!

March06202115:18 (IST)

No run, ENG: 112/8

Axar sends a length conveyance, and Leach inside edges it into his own cushion.

Britain trail by 49 runs.

March06202115:13 (IST)

OUT! Dom Bess c Rishabh Pant b Axar Patel 2 (6)


He throws a length conveyance, outside off. Bess attempts to trudge clear it, however he under-edges it behind to Pant.

In comes, Jack Leach.

March06202115:09 (IST)

No run

Ashwin throws a full conveyance on center and leg. Lawrence streams it to short midwicket. No run.

March06202115:05 (IST)

OUT! Ben Foakes c Ajinkya Rahane b Axar Patel 13 (46)


Axar throws it up, with Foakes attempting to guard it. The turn gets an external edge to Rahane, who jumps from the outset slip. The delicate sign isn’t out, and its alluded to the TV umpire. His fingers were under it.

In comes, Dom Bess.

March06202115:00 (IST)

One run

Foakes guides this conveyance by Ashwin off the backfoot, towards in reverse square leg for one run.

March06202114:58 (IST)

Two runs

Great conveyance by Axar, as Lawrence goes to drive it through the covers, however gets outside edge past second slip for two runs.

March06202114:51 (IST)


Sundar throws it up, outside off. Foakes drives it to profound cover for a solitary.

March06202114:49 (IST)

One run

Sundar throws it up, and Foakes hits it towards long-on for a solitary.

March06202114:43 (IST)

One run

A more full conveyance by Axar, on off stump. Lawrence cuts it towards wide mid-on for a solitary.

March06202114:38 (IST)

One run, ENG: 96/6

Axar throws a more limited conveyance, outside off. Lawrence guides it to one side of mid-on for a solitary.

March06202114:34 (IST)

One run

Sundar throws it outside off. Lawrence inside edges it into the off side. One run.

March06202114:33 (IST)

One run

Sundar throws a length conveyance, and Foakes looks it through square leg for a solitary.

March06202114:31 (IST)

The activity resumes!

Ben Foakes and Dan Lawrence are at the wrinkle for England. Washington Sundar to bowl for India.

March06202114:24 (IST)

50 years of Sunil Gavaskar’s Test debut!

Today, everybody honored incredible cricketer Sunil Gavaskar on his 50th commemoration of his Test debut for India. He was congratulated by the BCCI at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

March06202114:15 (IST)

Enormous APPEAL! ENG: 91/6 (33) | Tea, Trail by 69 runs

A leg sided conveyance by Ashwin, and it pounds the stack of Lawrence. India offer, however the umpire says no.

India lose a survey, as the ball was feeling the loss of the stumps.

Its Team time now, and England are 91 for six. They trail by 69 runs.

March06202114:08 (IST)



Lawrence trudge cleared this conveyance by Sundar, and Mayank hurls himself yet misses the catch behind square. FOUR!

March06202114:07 (IST)

No run

Splendid work by Pant!

Sundar’s conveyance turns down the leg side, and Pant gets it down leg, and flicks it on to the stumps. Overwhelmed Foakes.

March06202114:03 (IST)

No run, ENG: 83/6

Axar throws it up, and Lawrence guards it off the front foot. No run.

Britain are 83 for six after 31 overs, and trail by 77 runs.

March06202114:01 (IST)

Three runs

Foakes guides this conveyance by Axar through the square leg locale. Great running and they take three runs.

March06202113:59 (IST)


A more slow conveyance by Ashwin, and Lawrence attempts to cut it. He outside edges it past the defender at slip for a four!

March06202113:57 (IST)

No run

Axar throws it up, and Foakes drives it to the defender at mid-off. No run.

March06202113:48 (IST)


A short ball by Axar, and Lawrence removes it among point and cover for a four!

March06202113:48 (IST)

1 leg bye

Another turning conveyance by Ashwin, and it goes to leg slip. Foakes couldn’t get any bat to it.

March06202113:46 (IST)

OUT! Joe Root lbw b Ravichandran Ashwin 30 (72)


A level conveyance by him, and Root attempts to hit it back, yet it strikes him on the cushions.

He audits it straightforwardly. There was no inside edge, and it was hitting center and off stumps.

In comes, Ben Foakes.

March06202113:40 (IST)

OUT! Ollie Pope st Rishabh gasp b Axar Patel 15 (31)


A decent plunging conveyance by Axar, and Pope goes down the pitch. In any case, he gets beaten by the flight and turn, and Pant does an astounding baffling.

In comes, Dan Lawrence.

March06202113:34 (IST)

Four leg byes

Ashwin throws it down leg, and the turn makes it more harder for Pant or Pope to manage it. It goes to the fine leg fence for a four.

March06202113:32 (IST)

Three runs

Axar throws a quicker conveyance, and Pope top edges it over the slips. Rahane stops a limit with a sliding recovery at fine leg. Three runs.

March06202113:27 (IST)



He goes down the track and smacks this conveyance by Ashwin over wide mid-wicket for a six!

March06202113:23 (IST)


Pope pops this conveyance by Ashwin noticeable all around, and Gill at short leg can’t get his fingers around it.

March06202113:20 (IST)

One run

Ashwin throws it up, on center and off. Pope looks it to mid-on and an immediate hit makes things rash for England. One run.

March06202113:13 (IST)

Two runs

Siraj bowls a full conveyance, down leg. Root hits it through in reverse square leg for two runs.

March06202113:12 (IST)

No run

A sluggish and full conveyance by Axar, on off. Root goes ahead and guides it to point. Kohli has an attempt at the stumps, and ball ricochets to hit Root. Kohli apologizes to him.

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