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India vs England 3rd Test, Day 2 Live Cricket Score| Cricket News


India will expect to expand on their lead against England on Day 2 of the progressing third Test coordinate, at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Because of England’s 112, the hosts are six wickets down and right now have Ravichandran Ashwin and Washington Sundar batting for them. The couple will expect to assemble a steady association. Prior on Day 2, the hosts lost the wickets of Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane to Jack Leach. In the interim, Joe Root excused Rishabh Pant. On Day 1, Indian spinners swindled the meeting batsmen, with Axar Patel taking six wickets and Ashwin enrolling three excusals. Additionally, Ishant Sharma, who is in his 100th Test coordinate, took a wicket. Additionally, Rohit fabricated a 64-run organization with Virat Kohli, however the Indian chief was excused late in the day. (LIVE SCORECARD)

third Test, Day 2 LIVE Updates Between India (IND) versus England (ENG), Straight From Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

February25202115:21 (IST)

No run

A length conveyance by Root, and Sundar inside edges it. He was almost gotten at short leg.

February25202115:17 (IST)


Not a decent conveyance by Leach, and Ashwin ventures out of his wrinkle to smack it over mid-on for a four!

February25202115:15 (IST)

OUT!!!! Rishabh Pant c Ben Foakes b Joe Root 1 (8)


Gasp is stunned and frustrated. He needs to take an audit, converses with Ashwin about it, however then leaves.

Root threw it up, around the wicket. Gasp approached, and plunging ball outside edges Pant, and Foakes wraps up.

In strolls, Washington Sundar.

February25202115:10 (IST)

Two runs

Drain throws it full, outside off. Ashwin guides it through the cover-point area for two runs.

February25202115:06 (IST)

OUT! Rohit Sharma lbw b Jack Leach 66 (96)

Enormous ONE FOR LEACH!!!

He throws a length conveyance, towards off. Rohit attempts to clear, yet misses it, and the ball hits him on the hip. The ball tracker bolsters the umpire call of lbw, it was hitting the off stump.

In strolls, Ravichandran Ashwin.

February25202115:01 (IST)

No run

Anderson bowls a length conveyance, outside off. It goes past Pant’s external edge. No run.

February25202114:58 (IST)

One run

Drain throws it full, across off. Gasp guides it down to long-on for a solitary.

February25202114:56 (IST)

OUT! Ajinkya Rahane lbw b Jack Leach 7 (25)

Drain throws it full, and Rahane attempts to hit it, however misses it and it hits his cushion in the line with the off stump. OUT!

In strolls, Rishabh Pant.

February25202114:51 (IST)

One run

A short conveyance by Anderson, outside off. Rahane becomes friends the back foot, among point and cover for a solitary.

February25202114:50 (IST)

One run, IND: 113/3

Drain throws it full, outside off. Rahane guides it behind the leg umpire for a solitary.

India lead now by a run.

February25202114:45 (IST)


Filter throws it full and straight. Rahane clears it for a four to fine leg.

February25202114:42 (IST)

FOUR! Great!

A short ball by Anderson, outside off. Rohit creams it to one side of short cover and right of in reverse point for a four!

February25202114:40 (IST)


A short conveyance by Anderson, wide outside off. Rohit smacks it right of the regressive point on the backfoot, for a four!

February25202114:36 (IST)

One run

Filter throws it full, outside off. Rohit guides it to mid-off for a solitary. 100 up for India.

February25202114:35 (IST)

No run, IND: 99/3

Back of a length by Anderson, and Rahane protects it to leg side.

Its a lady over, and India are 99 for three out of 34 overs.

February25202114:32 (IST)

No run

A full conveyance by Anderson, on off stump line. Rahane shields it to cover. No run.

February25202114:30 (IST)

The activity starts on Day 2!

Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane enter the pitch to continue batting for India. James Anderson to start procedures for England.

February25202114:28 (IST)

Pitch report

The pitch is dry and a lot of turn is normal. The batsmen will have less an ideal opportunity to change, and it could deteriorate as the match advances.

February25202114:24 (IST)

February25202114:14 (IST)

Tension on Rohit Sharma!

Day 1 finished with the takeoff of Virat Kohli, who scored 27 off 58 balls. He and Rohit Sharma had fabricated a steady organization and were mooring India’s innings, however Jack Leach had different plans. Rohit has just enlisted 50 years, and will endeavor to fasten together a solid association with Ajinkya Rahane.

The Mumbai Indians (MI) captain will focus on a ton, yet it will not be simple. Britain could be batting again by Dinner time, or India could be near 300 runs. The truth will surface eventually!

February25202114:10 (IST)

Axar Patel in excellent condition!

Axar Patel has been in excellent condition recently. He made his Test debut in the subsequent Test coordinate versus England, and picked a five-wicket pull, and that wasn’t sufficient for him! He followed it up with six wickets on Day 1 of the progressing third Test coordinate. He excused Zak Crawley, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Ben Foakes, Jofra Archer and Stuart Broad. Click here for features from Day 1.

February25202114:05 (IST)

Depictions from Ishant Sharma’s 100th Test coordinate

On Day 1, Ishant Sharma arrived at an individual achievement, his 100th Test coordinate. The pacer additionally took a wicket, excusing Dom Sibley. Here are some photographs from Day 1:

February25202113:16 (IST)

Hi and welcome!

Hi and welcome to Day 2 of the third Test among India and England. The principal day saw England win the throw and decide to bat, yet India’s spinners totally dominated them, packaging them out for 112. A Rohit Sharma 50 years implied India completed the day following England by only 13 runs, however England will be glad to have the huge wickets of Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli.


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