Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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India has not imposed any export ban on Corona vaccines

Claiming that India has not imposed any export bans on corona virus vaccines, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday the country had taken the lead in sending vaccines overseas with more than 640 lakh doses supplied to more than 80 countries so far.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi also said that the ministry’s “Vaccine Maitree” initiative to deliver vaccines overseas has been “very successful and highly appreciated” by our partners around the world. .

“To date, under the ‘Vaccine Maitree’ initiative, we have provided a total of approximately 644 lakh doses to the global community and of these 104 lakh doses have been provided as a grant, 357 lakh doses on a commercial basis and 182 lakh doses through the COVAX initiative, ”Bagchi said at an online press conference.

As for the demand for vaccines made in India, many countries around the world have asked for their supply, he said.

“I don’t have an exact figure for the demand (for vaccines) because it’s a demand based on the needs of countries,” Bagchi said.

The “Vaccine Maitree” initiative has been extremely successful and highly appreciated by our partners around the world and “we continue to try to provide where possible given our domestic needs,” Bagchi said.

Asked about reports that Nepal approached India for an additional 5 million doses of vaccine but got no response, he said India had taken the lead in sending vaccines to the foreign.

“No country has shared with the world the number of vaccines India has available to immunize its own population. So far, we have supplied vaccines to more than 80 countries around the world and we have already stated that our external procurements will be carried out with our national requirements in mind, ”the MEA spokesperson said.

“For now, I hope our partners understand that vaccines are primarily for domestic consumption. I would like to stress that we have not imposed any ban on the export of vaccines,” Bagchi said.

Regarding the concerns of other countries, India’s position has been properly conveyed through its official channels, he added.

India is one of the largest drug makers in the world, and a growing number of countries have already contacted it for their coronavirus vaccines.


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