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Income Tax Raid: Problem of Taapsee Pannu increased, Afsar Zaidi’s name also surfaced

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and actress Taapsee Pannu are being tightened by the Income Tax Department (IT Department) in the case of tax evasion. Red continued in this case till late Thursday night. In this case, there were many revelations in the past, in which the reasons for red were revealed. Now in this case, after Kwan Talent Management Company, another big name has emerged.


Now this name also came to the fore

Many big names are coming to light in the raid of Income Tax Department. Now the action in this case has moved forward. The Income Tax Department is investigating 4 locations of Taapsee Pannu. The officials of Income Tax Department are investigating at the Delhi address of Taapsee. Along with this, the name of Officer Zaidi has also come up in this case. Let me tell you, Officer Zaidi is associated with Bollywood.Officer Zaidi (Afsar Zaidi) is the owner of Exceed Entertainment Celebrity Management Company. The portfolio officer of many big Bollywood celebs manages the company. Along with this, Afsar Zaidi is also the co-owner of many other companies.

Name of Quan Talent Management Company also surfaced

Apart from this, in the tax evasion case of ‘Phantom Films’, for the third consecutive day, that is, till Thursday late night, the office of Quan Talent Management Company in Mumbai continued to raid the income tax officials. Income tax officials have gone for 36 hours of red at the office of Quan Talent Management Company (KWAN Talent Management). Late one night, 5-6 officers were seen exiting the Cowan office building.

Red is not over yet

According to sources, this raid of Income Tax Department will continue for a day or two. Jaya Saha was also present with the officials in this income tax raid running till late night. Let me tell you, Jaya Saha has been a famous name in Sushant Singh case. Jaya Saha has also been the talent manager of Sushant Singh Rajput. According to sources, the Income Tax authorities have also obtained information from Jaya Saha about the alleged mess of 350 crores and the deal with Phantom Production House.

There is a case of tax evasion and misappropriation

Let me tell you, many things have come to light in the investigation of Income Tax Department on Thursday. So far, tax evasion of Rs 350 crores and rigging of Rs 300 crores has been revealed. At the same time, a cash receipt recovery of 5 crore has also been done in the name of Taapsee Pannu, which is under investigation.

Seas done to 7 lockers

During the raid, 7 lockers have also been detected, which have been seized by the department. Apart from this, the matter of a mess of 20 crores from fake bill has also come to the notice. The Income Tax Department has issued a press release saying that from 3 March i.e. Wednesday, the offices of 2 big film production houses, one actress and 2 talent management company of Mumbai are being raided. Raids are being conducted in a total of 28 places in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.

This is also a reason

According to the sources of the Income Tax Department, Phantom Films had sold some of its shares to Reliance Entertainment at the inflated rate, which has not even been paid tax. This is also one of the main reasons for income tax raid on Phantom Films.About 20 days ago, the Income Tax Department sent a notice to the directors, actors, producers, distributors associated with Phantom Films. Most of these people had responded to the notice that Phantom Film Company has been demolished in the year 2018 and all of them are no longer connected to it. According to income tax department sources, IT department can also contact auditors associated with Phantom Films for cross checking.

This thing came to the fore

Let me tell you, there have been many revelations before this as well. According to the income tax source, the root cause of income tax raids was revealed on Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu. It was told that the reason for this raid is the recent property investment made by Anurag Kashyap. Anurag invested 16 crores in buying a house. In buying this house, a large amount was given from the account of that company, which company has now been closed.

Now the matter has increased

Along with this, it was said that Taapsee Pannu had designed and decorated the interior of his house. Its payment was also made from this company’s account. Because of these cases, this investigation started, which has now reached the current income tax payment from the year 2011. The income tax has come to know that the company has been closed to hide the benefits of the company. All people associated with Phantom Films and all payments made from this company’s account are being investigated.

‘Phantom Films’ not functional

‘Phantom Films’ was a private entertainment company, which was established in 2010. The founders of this company are Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Vikas Bahl and Madhu Mantena. This company used to work in film production and distribution. In March 2015, Reliance Entertainment bought a 50 per cent stake in it. After this, Vikas Bahl was evicted in 2018. Later this production house became defunct. Everyone announced that all these filmmakers will now make their films separately. Later Anurag Kashyap started the new production company ‘Good Bad Films’, while Motwani started ‘Agitam Films’.

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