Sunday, October 24, 2021
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IMA writes to PM Modi, appeal to 18 years for vaccination

Amidst growing cases of Coronavirus infection across the country, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) suggesting that all those who are under 18 years of age be included in the vaccination. is more.

‘Vaccination drives fast’

In the country, more than 90 thousand new cases of Coronavirus infection have been reported every day for the last three days. The total number of infected in the country has increased to 1,26,86,049. A day earlier, 1,03,558 new cases of infection were reported in the country.
Meanwhile, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said in a letter to the Prime Minister, “We are currently vaccinating people above 45 years of age.” In view of the rapid spread of the second wave of infection, we suggest that the strategy of the vaccination campaign be extended to the war level with immediate effect. ‘

‘Free and Nearby Vaccines’

The doctors’ organization IMA said, “In relation to the Covid-19 Vaccination Drive, we suggest that all people above 18 years of age be allowed vaccination and the facility of Covid Vaccination. It should be free and close to every person. ‘The IMA has also suggested that private clinics should be actively involved in vaccination campaigns along with private hospitals.

‘Vaccination task force to be formed’

It has been said in the suggestion of the organization that vaccination certificate should be made necessary for entry and taking goods in public places. The IMA has said that the second wave of the epidemic has reached record levels. Vaccination would be very good for the drive if all the doctors have a vaccine. The organization has suggested the formation of Vaccination Task Force at the district level with public and private participation to implement vaccination on a large scale and to restore confidence.


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