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If you have a problem with Kidney Stone, don’t forget to eat these things accidentally.


If you have ever had a kidney stone problem or a member of the family had a problem with a kidney stone, then you will be well aware of how sharp its pain is. Sometimes it seems impossible for the patient to tolerate pain. Kidney Stone is a disease that can occur again. About 50 percent of the patients are such that once the kidney stone problem is corrected, the problem of stone again occurs within 6-7 years. So it is very important to take precaution, especially with regard to food.

Kidney stone patients should avoid these things

According to the National Kidney Foundation of America, when small crystals present in urin take the form of solid nodules, then there is a problem of kidney stone. Calcium present in urine can cause stone problems in the renal kidney when combined with chemicals such as oxalate or phosphorus. Apart from this, due to the freezing of uric acid in the kidney, there is also a problem of stone at times. If you do not want to have problems with kidney stone, then consume these foods in limited quantity and if you have had kidney stone problem before then you should avoid these things.

1. Spinach- Spinach is a good source of iron and is also rich in lots of vitamins and minerals, but spinach should be avoided if there is a stone problem in the kidney. The reason for this is that spinach contains oxalate which binds itself to the calcium present in the blood and the kidneys are not able to filter it and they cannot get out of the body through urine, which forms a stone in the kidney.

2. Things that have more oxalate – In addition to spinach, foods like beetroot, ladyfinger, raspberries, sweet potato, tea, nuts, chocolate also have more oxalate content. If a patient has kidney problem, then the doctor advises the patient not to eat oxalate things at all or in limited quantities.

3. Chicken, fish, egg – red meat, chicken, poultry, fish and egg – these are some of the foods which have the highest amount of animal protein and by consuming more of these, uric acid is added to the body. Production is high. Since protein is very important for our body, instead of animal protein, plant based sources of protein should be consumed such as Tofu, Kenwa, Chia seeds and Greek yogurt etc.

4. Least salt- Salt has sodium (sodium) and a high amount of sodium helps in the formation of calcium in urin. So avoid adding salt to the food. Apart from this, avoid consuming chips, frozen food, etc., which are high in salt.

5. Cola or soft drink- There is a chemical called Phosphate in Cola, due to which there is a possibility of stone formation in the kidney. So do not consume processed food and drinks with too much sugar or sugar syrup. Not only salt, too much sugar – like sucrose and fructose also increases the risk of kidney stone.


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