Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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HMD Global has announced New Nokia phones are coming on April 8



HMD Global has announced a phone in 2021 so far, but its year has yet to start properly – it will happen on April 8. The company will adopt a new naming scheme with a series of letters + number and we have already heard about the first three phones from unofficial sources.

These will be the Nokia G10, X10 and X20, with the G series being the home of entry-level phones and mid-range X housing. The G10 is powered by a Helio P22 chipset and is expected to sell for € 140.

The X10 and X20 will offer 5G connectivity thanks to the Snapdragon 480 chipset (the X20 could get the 690 instead). The supposed prices are pretty steep, between $ 300 and $ 350, but we’re three weeks away from the launch date, so information released this early may not be accurate. There is only one 5G-capable Nokia at the moment, 8.3 (plus a version for Verizon), so HMD lags the competition in terms of 5G rollouts.

It’s unclear what will happen to other devices in the pipeline – like the Nokia 6.4 and 7.4. Will they be renamed or will HMD have multiple naming schemes (there is already the entry-level C-series, which breaks the mold).

We expect to hear more on April 8, the event will be televised live from 3:00 p.m. UTC. The hashtag for the event is #LoveTrustKeep.

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