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First Collection for Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli-RTW-Fall-2019

MILAN — Designer Roberto Cavalli in his prime was “well known, pop, much the same as Coca-Cola and Marilyn Monroe,” as indicated by Fausto Puglisi. “His symbolism didn’t require any interpretation, individuals responded to it promptly, whatever their societal position or scope — you could adore it or scorn it, however it was incredible and enrapturing.”

Named inventive specialist last October, Puglisi brings to the brand his own arrangement of incredible and striking plans, grown first for his namesake name dispatched in 2010 and afterward for Emanuel Ungaro in the 2013 to 2017 period.

Puglisi said during a Zoom call in front of the dispatch of his first assortment for Cavalli, bowing for fall 2021, that he has depended on his very own experience living in the U.S. from 1998 to 2006 — a period he portrayed as “the brilliant years” for the brand in that district. “The U.S. was Cavalli’s primary market at that point, Sarah Jessica Parker would sneak through his name once in a while in ‘Sex and the City’ and America is as yet the brand’s principle market on the web,” said Puglisi, who has a solid fondness for the country, which he portrays as “an exceptional blend of societies, the focal point of the world regarding social experimentation and developments that upset worldwide ways of life.”

While aware of those stylish years, Puglisi is additionally acutely mindful of the current situation, with outcasts escaping Syria, the Black Lives Matter development grabbing the eye of the world, and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I love this work and I regard the place of Cavalli, yet I attempted to comprehend the brand as per my own reasonableness. I have a high political mindfulness and I regard the circumstance the world is in today and all that is going on. I’m adding my own perspective to the brand, I would prefer not to just depend on the documents for motivation.”

Puglisi likewise dove into the brand’s “excellent” documents in Florence and was charmed by “the good ‘ol days in Cavalli’s set of experiences, a second that very few individuals may recall. He explored different avenues regarding textures, he had his own printing plant and his denim from the 1970s was unbelievable — the stylistic themes, the hippy vibes, the references to America, from California to Texas. I discovered them new and immortal.” certainly, Cavalli was known for his printed knitwear and calfskin and an exploring way to deal with denim through exceptional medicines, weavings and a stretch implication.

Puglisi met the namesake organizer of the organization once in his estate in Florence. “I cherished how he was overwhelming, he adores life, he is interested and brimming with thoughts. I unquestionably couldn’t have ever envisioned to be tapped for this job.”

A year ago, Sajwani, the organizer and director of Dubai-based Damac Properties, obtained the Roberto Cavalli organization from Clessidra SGR through his private venture firm Vision Investments.

Puglisi with this assortment needed to praise ladies and the option to be attractive “without externalizing them. Fortunately, ladies are keen and can pick, it’s not the fashioner who says what they should wear,” he noticed. “I have consistently chipped away at the idea of inclusivity, free of shading and sex, in any event, when it was not elegant,” Puglisi added. “I love Miami on account of the absolute opportunity it permits.”

Fausto Puglisi


Puglisi captured the assortment demonstrated by a different and comprehensive cast for the look book, however won’t organize a show during Milan Fashion Week. “I didn’t need the primary show for the brand to be with no open. Cavalli is about a local area of individuals, it resembles Beyoncé or Madonna holding a first show with no open.”

Puglisi didn’t avoid returning to Cavalli’s unique creature prints, while offering his own interpretation of long ’50s skirts or dresses with profound cuts. “Everybody is doing creature prints, yet it’s famous Cavalli, so we should take it back.” However, he picked hearty tones, from bare and ivory to caramel and chocolate, avoiding showy tones, which he accepts are “misrepresented right now.”

The coed assortment, for certain children’s looks,  also involves puffer coats — a first for Puglisi — sweatshirts, larger than average knitted capes and easygoing jeans with a streetwear vibe. Raincoats are strongly customized. A fitted coat is matched with a round trip skirt.

Gesturing to the American banner, Puglisi reproduced its example with zebra prints rather than the stripes and panther spots instead of the stars for the U.S. of Cavalli explanation, a “widespread banner wrapping together residents, all things considered,” he said.

Zebra, tiger, panther prints are likewise appeared in realistic interpretations or in interwoven designs paws and teeth included.

Gone is the bohemian mentality of a previous Cavalli creator, Peter Dundas. Puglisi’s lady is completely started up.

In men’s wear, denim is treated with digitally embellished surfaces and has an exhausted “carport kid” vibe, said Puglisi, and fixed cowhide biker coats are worn over animalier curiously large square shaped shirts, hoodies and warm up pants.

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