Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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DNA ANALYSIS: Digital kidnapping under the garb of the farmer movement, this kind of phone and laptop from hackers

There has been a lot of difference between the Satyagraha in Dandi and the movements taking place today. At that time our country was fighting against the British, fighting for independence, but even then the common people of the country were not harassed, the fight was fought against the system. If there were to be movements today, then they are against the government, but now the face of the movement has become such that the common man suffers the most.
In India, agitation against agricultural laws has been going on for the last 100 days. The common man is most upset by this. Many roads in the country including Delhi have been taken hostage in the name of agitation and now preparations are being made to make your phone hostage, about which we want to warn you today.

Trying to take mobile phones and laptops hostage

Demonstration against the agricultural laws on the roads of the country and Delhi is now trying to enter your mobile phone and laptop. The protesters are currently holding the streets hostage, but your mobile phone and laptop are being tried to hostage in the same way.

Cyber ​​security company Cyber and anti-virus maker Quick Heal have done a research together. It has been revealed in this research that your phone can be taken hostage in the name of Kisan agitation. Preparations are underway to Kidnap your data, your privacy, all your information. Hackers doing this are taking the cover of the farmers movement this time. That is, preparations are being made to do this in the name of digital kidnapping farmer movement.

Cyble Securities is an Australian company and Quick Heal is an Indian company. What is written in the report, first they tell you.

Farmer movement related virus

Quik Heal has detected a ransom-ware named Sarbloh virus. According to the report of Quik Heal, this virus may be associated with farmer agitation. Sarbloh is a Punjabi word. This term is used for large iron utensils such as the frying pan. This threatened virus ie Ransomware has been named Sarbloh.

Way to break into digital security

These viruses can be sent via a link on e-mail. Like online shopping discount or any document or video you need. This link will be such that you can be attracted to click on this link. Researchers have also shared some such links, which they detected during their research. Looking at the link, it seems that you have found a shopping voucher, but in reality it is a way to break into your digital security.


The demand of hackers is also different

Now you may be wondering if there is any way by which you will be able to get your locked files back. It has been seen many times before that after locking the files, the hackers demand the money and return the file as soon as they receive the money. But here the demand of these hackers is different. According to the researchers, after the files are locked, a threatening message arrives, which is something like this-

The message says that your files are locked. You will not get these until the demands of the farmers are not accepted. Your files have been useless. In this message, it has been said to suppress the Sikhs in India. The name of the sender at the end of the message is written – Khalsa Cyber ​​Fauj.



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