Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Demonstration of Pakistan’s persecuted journalists and human rights activists in Paris, demands for blacklisting of FATF

The blade of the Financial Action Task Force-FATF is holding tight Pakistan. It is accepted that Pakistan can stay in the dark rundown of FATF to help psychological oppressor exercises. Not just this, it can likewise be added to the boycott. Numerous nations including India need that exacting move ought to be made against Pakistan, which has become a fortress of psychological warfare. Simultaneously, ousted columnists and common liberties activists have likewise opened a front against Imran Khan’s ‘New Pakistan’.

Pak’s midsection will break

An enormous number of banished writers, basic freedoms activists and individuals from the Weigar people group (Exiled columnists, basic liberties activists, and Uyghurs) exhibited outside the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) base camp in Paris on Tuesday. The dissenters request that the FATF boycott Pakistan, so it tends to be rebuffed for its activities. To be boycotted would mean the breaking of the monetary overabundance of Pakistan. In such a circumstance, no worldwide monetary foundation will help Pakistan monetarily.

This is the thought process of Protest

Taha Siddiqui, an ousted Pakistani columnist and editorial manager of the South Asia Press, who was performing, said that we need Pakistan to be boycotted. The reason for this show is to join displeased individuals of Balochistan, Pashtun zones, Tibet, Hong Kong and the Weigar people group to shape an assembled front.,So that the activities of Pakistan and China can be spread the word about for the world. Simultaneously, the South Aisa Press has tweeted that Pakistan should consider Pakistan responsible for financing psychological oppressor associations and dread. We encourage the FATF not to go under pressing factor from China.

Killers delivered, in guiltless prison

Pashtun Rights Activist Fazal Rehman Afridi said, “The worldwide local area needs to focus that the enemy of writer Daniel Pearl was delivered by a Pakistani court.” While those working for common liberties are kicking the bucket in correctional facilities of Pakistan. This mirrors the twofold character of Pakistan. It totally turns around what the Pakistani government says to the world. Afridi said that the legal arrangement of Pakistan additionally has a tendency towards the military and articulates choices appropriately.

Armed force destruction casualty

Fazal Rehman Afridi, requesting exacting activity against Pakistan, said that the Pakistan government underpins illegal intimidation, the military there is squashing common liberties under its feet. The military is associated with atrocities just as common freedoms infringement and ought to be made responsible for this. We request that the FATF boycott Pakistan. So he can complete his discipline.




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