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Declined to Order then delivery boy injured the customer

On Wednesday 10 March, an Instagram influencer shared a shocking video on social media. In this video, Bengaluru influencer Hitesha Chandrani has accused Jomato delivery boy of physically abusing her. In the video, Hitesha is crying constantly and blood is coming out of her nose.

Story shared by sharing video

Hitesha is telling about the entire incident in this video about how he was attacked by the Jomato Delivery Boy. Hitesha uploaded this video on Instagram and in a few hours this video has seen about two lakh people.. 

According to Hitesha Chandrani, it all started with a single food order. Since his Jomato order arrived late, he asked Jomato to cancel this order or complement it.

Hitesha told that he had placed the order at 3.30 pm on March 9, but he received this order at 4.30 pm. The order was not received on time, so he called the customer support and told them to either forgive the money or cancel the order completely.

Hitesha said that when he told the delivery boy that the order had to be canceled or a complementary and she was waiting for its confirmation, the delivery boy shouted at him and refused to take the order back.

Hitesha Chandrani told in the video that when he asked the delivery boy to wait, he became very aggressive and shouted angrily at them.

Forcibly entered the house and attacked

According to Hitesha, she got scared and tried to close the door. The delivery boy then forcibly entered his house and punched him in the face. After this, he ran away with the order. In the Instagram video, Chandrani has said that she screamed but her neighbors did not come for help.

However, after this video surfaced on social media, people are supporting them. Many people commented on his video and wrote that it is shocking. You do not worry and take care of yourself. We are with you

Jomato released statement

Food delivery start-up Zomato has also responded to these allegations. After appearing in this video, Jomato said in his statement that this experience is very bad. Our delivery is not exactly known for such things. Our local representatives will contact you soon. We will be there to help you in everything from police investigation to medical care. Also, Jomato also wrote that we cannot tell how sorry we are. You can be sure, we will take all such necessary steps so that such incidents do not happen in future.


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