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Dance Deewane Season 3: 51 Toilets Cleans Up To Live This Contestant’s Family, Dance Stunns Judges

After the ending of Bigg Boss, ‘Dance Deewane Season 3’ is now appearing to entertain people. Many promos of the show are being released continuously. The story of many contestants is being shown in this touching show, in which the story of Rahul Solanki was also shown. Its promo was also shared on Instagram.

Story of Rahul

Promos have shown that Rahul Solanki, son of a Gujarati family living in a chawl in Mumbai collects garbage of eight chawls (Mumbai Chawl) along with his family. Not only this, they also wash 51 public toilets (51 Toilets) of the people and the locality. Rahul Solanki Father’s father also enters the gutter and does the cleaning. Which they do not like at all. In the video, Rahul told that his dream is to take his family to a good house.

People get emotional after listening to Rahul’s story

On February 28, Rahul gave his audition in ‘Dance Deewane Season 3’ and he also got selected on his own skills. Everyone became emotional after listening to Rahul’s story. Dharmesh Yelande remembered his old days. He said, his father still runs a tea shop. He explained to Rahul that no work is small and big.

Came to entertain ‘Dance Deewane 3’

Let us tell you that ‘Dance Deewane Season 3’ has started on Colors Channel on Sunday. In this show Tushar Kalia, Dharmesh Yelande and Madhuri Dixit are going to be seen as judges. The show is hosted by Raghav Juyal. Many such faces are also being given an opportunity in this show, which have gone viral through social media. No age has been set to show your talent in the show, i.e., every age-wise talent will be a part of this show.

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