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Create A WordPress Website In 5 Minutes Using Digital Ocean VPS

I have been using DigitalOcean’s VPS for the last several years. In my opinion DigitalOcean is cheaper and more reliable than other hosting companies in the market. But many who were having trouble using DigitalOcean because it did not come with cPanel. Today we will learn how to install WordPress on DigitalOcean VPS in just 5 minutes.wordpress website on digitalocean vps

Create A WordPress Website In 5 Minutes Using Digital Ocean VPS

Why DigitalOcean?

Launched in 2011, the company now has millions of customers and DigitalOcean is one of the most used cloud servers. (wordpress website on digitalocean vps)


I have been using Digital Ocean VPS for many of my websites for the last 5 years. Although it is much cheaper than other VPS currently available in the market, their servers are very fast. Just because it doesn’t come with cPanel makes it a little tricky to use.

Cheap And Cool

Digital Ocean plans are very cheap. $5 means their plans start from around Rs. In the cheapest $5 plan you get 1 core CPU, 1TB transfer, 25GB SSD storage. SSD is 10 times faster than your usual hard disk. With this plan you can easily run a simple WordPress website

Support And Community

If DigitalOcean is new to you, don’t worry. Because there is very detailed documentation for everything on DigitalOcean. Also if you have any problem you can ask questions about it in their community.


Digital Ocean has maintained its credibility over the years. Reasonable price and excellent service Many famous websites use various services of Digital Ocean.

How to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean?

To install WordPress on DigitalOcean, first you need to open an account there. If you open an account by clicking on the button below, you will initially get only 100 free credit. With its help you can use free hosting for a month.

Droplet Creation

To install WordPress, you must first create a Droplet. For this you need to create a Droplet after creating an account on DigitalOcean.


To create a droplet, click on Create at the top right and select the Droplets option.


You will now see several options. From here, you want to select WordPress from Marketplace. It automatically installs Apache, MySQL, PHP. It has all 1 clicks just like the name.

In the next step you have to choose the plan for your Droplet. You can start with as little as $5. As it is a cloud server, you can plan more or less as you need.


After that you want to select the location of your server. If your readers are mostly from India, then you can choose Bangalore. Server location is an important factor for SEO and site speed.

wordpress website on digitalocean vps

If you know more about Select additional options and Authentication, select or leave these options. If you can use your Droplet SSH Key, select your SSH Key here or you can create the password you want.


If you want to give your Droplet a specific name or if you have more than one Droplet on your account, you can categorize them by tag or project. wordpress website on digitalocean vps

How to Tag Droplets :: DigitalOcean Product Documentation

If you want a backup feature, you can choose the backup option. For this you have to pay 20% of the price of your Droplet. That means extra $1 for a $5 droplet. When all this is done, you want to click on the Create Droplet button. This will create your droplet

Adding A Domain

Once Droplet is created, you need to add the domain on which you want to install WordPress to your Digital Ocean account. To add a domain name to your Digital Ocean account, click on the Create button at the top right and select the Domains / DNS option. Then add your domain to it. Add the IP address of your Droplet to the domain’s A record.


Updating The Domain’s DNS

Adding a domain name will require updating its DNS records. To do this, login to the panel from which you want to purchase the domain. Then change the nameserver of your domain and update the following nameservers of DigitalOcean.

If you do not want to change the nameserver, you will need to create an A record of your new Droplet IP address. Normal DNS records can take up to 48 hours to update. You can check if the records are updated from the website WhatsMyDNS.

Installing wordpress website on digitalocean vps

When this happens, you need to login to your Droplet from the terminal if you have SSH Key. If you do not know much about SSH Key, you can login to your Droplet using the password that you set while creating Droplet.

Click on your Droplet from the DigitalOcean Dashboard. In it, click on Launch Console from Access.


This will open a black console in a new window. In this you want to enter the username as root. After that you want to enter the password you created while dropping. Once logged in, you need to fill in the information according to the instructions that appear in it. You will first be asked for your domain name. You will then be asked for email, WordPress login username, password, blog name respectively.

Now open your domain in the browser. WordPress is installed. You can do this by logging in to your WordPress website by clicking on the link


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