Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Corona virus Lockdown Live: Corona’s triple mutant variant found in Bengal

Corona triple mutant in bengal

The speed at which the corona is spreading in the country is not seen in any country of the world. Meanwhile, triple mutants of corona virus have been found in West Bengal. It is being told that these mutants are more dangerous than other strains. Experts said that the presence of E484K mutants in it may increase anxiety. Triple mutation variants, as the name suggests, are variants in which three mutants of the virus join together to form a new variant. In this case, these three are mutants.

One deletion and two mutations in the spike protein
Deletion of H146 and Y145
Mutations in E484K and D614G in spike proteins

This triple mutant is known as B.1.618. Experts say that the third mutant of the virus is more dangerous than the already existing mutants. Experts believe that this new variant may have an impact on vaccine effectiveness. Because this new variant has the main mutation, which is called the E484K mutant. These mutants help the virus to develop in the immune system.

Triple mutant variant of corona found in Bengal, know how dangerous this virus is?

The second virus of corona virus in the country is now increasing. There is a request for help from all around and the people are helping the people from their own level. In the last 24 hours, more than 3.15 lakh cases of corona virus have been reported in the country, which is the highest ever. At the same time there is scarcity of oxygen in the country and there is a ruckus in the hospitals regarding the supply of oxygen. Here, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has canceled all the rallies in Bengal in view of Corona’s growing transition.


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