Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Corona will be scared anymore, situation may worsen by June, feared 2500 deaths every day

A report which has come up amidst the pace of increasing coronavirus in the country has further increased the concern. The report said that by the time of June, the situation will become worse. The figure of every day deaths from Corona can be exceeded by two and a half thousand. In a study published in the Lancet Journal, this claim has been made about India. It is worth noting here that scientists associated with research are also members of the Corona Task Force of the Government of India.

Tier-2, Tier-3 city most affected

In this report titled ‘Managing India’s Second COVID-19 Wave’, it is reported that soon an average of 1750 patients can die every day in the country. This number of daily deaths can reach 2320 in the first week of June, growing very fast. According to the report, this time the tier-2 and tier-3 cities of the country are the most infected by Corona.

Second Wave more dangerous

The report said that during the first wave, 50 percent of the cases used to come from 40 districts, which has now reduced to 20 districts. That is, the infection is wreaking havoc in some districts. Last year, when the first wave was at its peak, 75 per cent cases were being registered from 60 to 100 districts. Whereas this time, similar percentage of cases are being found in 20 to 40 districts. The report also mentions that the second wave is more dangerous than the first wave. Hence extra caution is needed.

Corona’s speed is higher than before

According to the study, during the first wave, it took 83 days from ten thousand new cases to 80 thousand new cases per day, but this time it took only 40 days from February to the beginning of April to have 80 thousand cases per day. It has been reported in the report that this time, patients without symptoms of corona are getting in large numbers, resulting in comparatively fewer deaths. While the number of symptomatic patients was very high in the first wave, which led to more deaths.

These suggestions were also given in the report

Some suggestions have also been made in the report. For example, the report said that there is a need to speed up the vaccination drive in India. All adult people should be vaccinated here as soon as possible. As of 11 April 2021, 29.6% of people above 45 years of age have been given one or both doses of the vaccine.
The report also talks about increasing vaccine production. It has also been said that to speed up the vaccination campaign, the Government of India should consider the approval of the use of some more vaccines. Regarding the lockdown, the report says that such stringent steps can be harmful, so they should be avoided.


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