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Corona can also make you deaf, COVID-19 in new research

Does hearing ability be affected by Coronavirus? Scientists have found the answer to this question. A new research has revealed that the corona infected person may have hearing loss or may have other hearing problems. The study, conducted by scientists at the University of Manchester and NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Center-BRC, has been published in the International Journal of Audiology.

56 people identified

Professor Kevin Munro and PhD researcher Ibrahim Almufarrij during the study identified 56 people who were experiencing hearing problems due to corona infection.
During the research, scientists were found to have 7.6 per cent hearing problems, 14.8 per cent hearing different and unnecessary sounds in the ears, and 7.2 per cent cases of dizziness. Kevin Munro, a professor and researcher at the University of Manchester, said a comprehensive clinical study was needed to understand the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the auditory system.

Meningitis causes problems

Pro. Munro said that earlier hearing problems have been seen due to the effects of viruses like measles and meningitis. Now it is necessary to understand how the corona virus can affect the ability to hear.
He further said that the recent study supports the claim that hearing ability is affected due to corona, but more work needs to be done on it. Professor Munro and his team are currently researching people who have been infected with the Corona virus to find out the long-term effects of COVID-19 on hearing.

Complaints about Hearing Loss

The study report said that 13 percent of the corona patients who have been discharged from the hospital have reported hearing problems. Ibrahim Almfurridge said that continuous research is being done in this regard.We hope that our recent study will support those scientific claims that there is a deep connection between corona and hearing loss’. At the same time, Professor Munro said that for some time, people have been continuously complaining that their hearing ability has been affected after the corona is infected. He said, it would be difficult to say right now that this has happened directly due to corona, but it is a matter of concern.

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