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China-Pakistan’s eye on India, INS Karanj submarine will join Indian Navy fleet tomorrow

The Indian Navy (Indian Navy), which is engaged in strengthening itself for comparison with the expansionist policy of China, is going to get a dangerous weapon tomorrow. On March 10, Navy’s third submarine INS Karanja (INS Karanja) is joining the Indian Navy.

INS Vela will also join later this year

Prior to INS Karanj, INS Kalvari and INS Khanderi have joined the Indian Navy. INS Vela is expected to join the Navy by the end of this year and INS Vagir next year. The last submarine INS Vagashir will join the Navy by 2023.

18 submarines equipped with torpedoes

With the arrival of INS Karanj, the number of conventional diesel-electric submarines in the Indian Navy will be 15. Apart from these, the Indian fleet also includes nuclear submarine INS Chakra leased from Russia and indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant, INS Arigatha.

Navy is making AIP system

No diesel-electric submarine AIP system of the Indian Navy is equipped with AIR INDEPENDENT PROPULSION SYSTEM (AIP). Therefore, Submarine has to come to the sea surface everyday to give the necessary air to its engine. At the same time the enemy treks Submarine and can destroy it. With the use of AIP, the submarine will have to come to the surface only once a week and this increases its chances of hiding safely.

No need to come to the surface

DRDO successfully tested the AIP system on 8 March and is now ready to be installed in Submarine. According to sources, this system has met both the main tests of being submerged in the sea for 14 days and running with maximum power for 2 days. This system will be installed in the submarine to be built under Project 75I of 6 new submarines. The construction of these submarines will start after the submarine of Kalvari class.

Navy is constructing a total of 24 submarines

The Indian Navy plans to make a total of 24 submarines, of which 6 submarines of 75 I will be made after 6 submarines of the Kalvari class. Along with this, 6 SSBNs equipped with 6 ballistic missiles and 6 SSNs with nuclear power will also be made.


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