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China does not want its reality to be revealed to the world, so 18 Foreign Journalists were expelled from the country

China does not want its black acts to come out to the world, so it is trying to send foreign journalists back. Last year China deported 18 foreign journalists, the highest since 1989. Actually, China had to face a lot of criticism about Coronavirus. His conspiracies were exposed in several media reports, which he has been furious about. The Foreign Correspondent Club of China (FCCC) believes that working conditions for foreign journalists in China have worsened since 2020.


Reporting limited

The FCCC has reported that Chinese authorities limited reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic and deported them, keeping an eye on journalists. Not only this, the authorities intensified efforts to influence the functioning of foreign correspondents in 2020. The surveillance system adopted to control all organs of the state and the Coronavirus was used to harass and bully journalists, their Chinese colleagues.

Officers disturbed

The Foreign Correspondent Club of China, while making serious allegations against the Communist government of China, also said that the people were also harassed by the authorities, who wanted to be interviewed by foreign media. According to the FCCC, not a single journalist has said in the FCCC survey for the third year in a row that working conditions have improved, indicating that the government is constantly facing difficulties for journalists in China.

These media houses became the target

According to the FCCC, foreign correspondents were targeted in the name of national security investigations and were banned from leaving their country. In the first half of 2020, China expelled at least 18 journalists from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. This report of the FCCC describes how China has been suppressing the voice rising against itself. He knew that foreign journalists could open up his pole about Corona, so he sent them back.

China gave this answer

When China was asked about the FCCC report, it made a very strange statement. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in a media briefing, ‘We never accepted the organization you are talking about’. He further said that we welcome journalists from various countries working in China as per law and rules, and will continue to provide them with convenience and assistance. Wenbin said that we reject ideological prejudice against China, will not tolerate fake news in the name of independence.


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