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Canon Sued for Disabling Scanner, Fax When Printers Run Out of Ink

Canon USA found itself at the center of a legal standoff over a decision it had made regarding the operation of its printers. A New York customer has filed a class action lawsuit against the company arguing that some of Canon’s printers do not perform multiple functions unless they have enough ink in the cartridges. The customer, identified as David Leacraft, has taken legal action against the electronics giant’s decision not to allow owners of certain printers to use scanner or fax functions if they are low on ink. In the lawsuit, Leacraft alleged that Canon engaged in deceptive marketing and unjust enrichment.

In particular, Leacraft encountered the problem using the brand’s Pixma MG2522 printer. When using the device advertised as an “all-in-one” machine, Leacraft noted that the device did not function as a scanner or fax machine when the ink cartridges were empty or nearly empty.

This, according to Leacraft’s complaint, is not acceptable because the amount of ink in the machine does not play a role in the machine’s document scanning or faxing capabilities.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer, the lawsuit involves more than 100 group members and seeks $ 5 million (approximately Rs. 37.6 crore) in compensation. The report also states that Canon has told customers that the printer must contain ink for all colors, even if you want to print in grayscale.

Revealing more details, the draft lawsuit against Canon USA reads: “As opposed to the ‘single function’ printers that it sells, Canon calls these multifunction devices a ‘3-in-1’ or ‘4-in’. -1 ”for the fact they are supposed to provide three or four functions.

Calling Canon’s advertising claims bogus, the complaint states, “The truth is, all-in-one printers don’t scan or fax documents when the devices have low or empty ink cartridges (the ‘design issue’) ), and Canon’s advertising claims are false. , misleading and reasonably likely to deceive the public. “

And it was this kind of misleading advertising that prompted Leacraft to purchase the device. “Plaintiff Leacraft would not have purchased the device or paid as much if he had known he would have to keep ink in the device to scan documents,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit alleges that Canon is only doing this to increase its profits by selling replacement ink cartridges. It was on this basis that the Applicant complained of “unjust enrichment”.

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