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Bill to repeal ‘One China Policy’ introduced in US Parliament, if stamped, Dragon will have to bear the loss

America is preparing to give another big blow to China. A bill has been introduced in the US Parliament to repeal the ‘One China Policy’, if this bill is approved then China will suffer a lot of damage. The bill, introduced by MPs Tom Tiffany and Scott Perry, calls for formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan to be restored and the old ‘One China Policy’ revoked.

Jimmy Carter was shocked

Given the kind of stance America has adopted regarding China, it is believed that the bill can be stamped. Let us state that the US had normal diplomatic relations with the government of Taiwan until 1979, but then President Jimmy Carter abruptly ended formal relations with Taipei and recognized China’s communist regime. Since then the US has officially considered Taiwan as part of China, but now US lawmakers have demanded Taiwan to be included in international organizations.

‘US repeated China’s lies’

In this regard, MP Tiffany said that in the US for the last 40 years, the presidents of both parties have repeated many times the lie of Beijing that Taiwan is a part of communist China, while the real truth is the opposite. Therefore, this old policy needs to be changed. He further said that Taiwan is an independent country and should be recognized as it is. We appeal to President Joe Biden to support Taiwan’s membership in international organizations and to initiate negotiations for a US-Taiwan free trade agreement.

You will get a different identity

China has been refusing to consider Taiwan as an independent country, but now if the US recognizes it as a separate country, then it will recognize Taiwan differently internationally and China will have to pay a big price for it. By the way, US President Joe Biden has already made it clear that no leniency will be shown towards China. He has also put Beijing in the dock several times on the issue of human rights.

What is One China Policy?

Under the ‘One China Policy’, China, like Hong Kong and Macau, considers Taiwan as its share. However, Taiwan does not accept this policy of China and has been proclaiming itself as an independent nation. At the same time, China has made it clear that if any country in the world wants to have relations with it, then it will have to break all its ties with Taiwan and see it as part of China. China’s Communist government considers Taiwan a rebel province and is making efforts to reintegrate it into the mainland.



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