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America angry over Iran’s silence on Nuclear Deal, Ned Price said, ‘We don’t have unlimited patience’

On the issue of Nuclear Deal (America), the US has told Iran in two words that its patience is also limited. The Joe Biden administration reacted to the silence of Iran and said that the US does not have unlimited patience. He can only be patient to a extent. In fact, the US said last week that it was ready to negotiate with Iran and other world forces to return to the 2015 nuclear deal, but so far Iran has not responded.


‘Iran has to come forward’

Spokesperson of the American Foreign Ministry Ned Price said that we do not have unlimited patience. President Joe Biden has been expressing his views on the issue from the beginning. They believe that diplomatic steps should be taken to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and America is doing the same. He further said that the president wants to return to the 2015 nuclear deal, but for that Iran will have to come forward.

US ready to meet with P5 + 1

Ned said that we are waiting for Iran’s reply on the offer to negotiate the nuclear deal, but we do not have unlimited patience. He said that the US is ready to attend the meeting regarding the P5 + 1 and the nuclear deal with Iran at the invitation of the High Representative of the European Union.Explain that P5 + 1 means five permanent representatives of the Security Council, China, France, Russia, Britain and the United States and Germany is included in Plus 1. Germany was involved in 2015 during the compromise of the then President Barack Obama administration.

Khamenei laid the condition

At the same time, Iran says that before the talks, the US must remove the restrictions imposed during Donald Trump’s term. Recently Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that if the United States wants Iran to return to its commitment to a nuclear deal with the Western powers, it must first lift all sanctions. It is believed that due to this stubborn stance of Iran, the conflict with the US may increase further.

Donald Trump took the decision

Former US President Donald Trump separated the US in 2018 from the nuclear deal in 2015. Trump said that this would pave the way for Iran to prepare nuclear weapons. Under this agreement, Iran promised to greatly limit its nuclear program by 2025.After this, many restrictions were imposed on Iran by the Trump administration, which Iran termed as unnecessary unilateral action. Now the new president, Joe Bidenne, said he was ready to return to the deal, but only if Iran complied with all the terms of the agreement.


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