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People with ‘A’ blood group are at greater risk of Corona virus infection, research claims

There has been a number of research so far regarding coronaviruses that explain several underlying causes leading to a higher risk of infection of the new corona virus with Covid-19. Now, new research has been done which has found that your blood types can also play an important role in corona virus infection. According to a new study, people with blood group A are at greater risk of getting infected with Covid-19.
One-third of those who died were from blood group A

According to this study, more than 5 lakh 20 thousand people died of corona virus in the US, 1 of them was blood group A (blood group A). These people associated with blood group A quickly succumbed to the virus and died of Covid-19 infection.

Researchers point out that this new corona virus contains a special type of protein called receptor binding domain (RBD). This RBD is particularly attracted to the respiratory cells (respiratory cells) found in the lungs of people with blood group A.

Blood group showed greater response to virus RBD

The study was published in a journal called Blood Advance. This study also suggested that the novelty of the research is that with its help some new and potential drugs or techniques can be discovered to stop the spread of the virus. A research team from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the United States studied the response of this RBD protein to three blood groups A, B and O and found that the blood group was A protein. The side was the most sensitive.

Virus gives priority to blood group antigens

Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology Drs. Sean Stowell says: “It is very interesting that viral RBD only prefers antigens present in the respiratory cells of people with blood type A.” Most people think that the virus enters and probably infects most patients in the same way.

Blood type is a challenge because everyone has inherited it and it is not something we can change. But if we better understand how the virus interacts with people’s blood types, we may be able to find new drugs or methods of prevention.

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